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Brothers, Alex and Stefan Liberto created Surf Turf Co in an effort to reduce waste from the family business - Endless Turf. 

It was driven by a simple inspiration - they wanted to make outdoor living a little more comfortable and convenient. The thought? Imagine having your very own patch of turf to use wherever you needed it. Somewhere you could brush the sand and grit off your feet as you got changed after your surf. They first tested the idea in a rocky car park following a Sunday morning surf along the Great Ocean Road. Soon after they found dozens of other uses, camping, caravanning, picnics, even around the house or for furry friends. The reactions from their mates, fellow surfers and colleagues assured them that this was an idea they needed to pursue. 

Today Surf Turf prides itself on making your outdoor adventures that little bit more comfortable.  


Our Commitment to our Environment  

Surf Turf upcycles turf excess and gives it a new meaningful purpose whilst reducing landfill contribution. 

Surf turf ships all orders via 100% Biodegradable compostable plant-based packaging. Good for our environment, good for you and good for your feet. 

Surf Turf is committed to making a change and believes together we can change the world. We have partnered with Ecologi and are pleased to contribute...  

  • 1 x tree planted 
  • 10 kgs carbon offset 

with every order placed via our online store 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy sharing them with you! 

Surf Turf x